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Project: CAGE Website Analysis

Client: Conflict and Governance Facility (CAGE)
Duration: February 2007

How does an organisation ensure that it is communicating effectively to its target audience? An assessment and analysis of an organisation’s online web presence can ensure that the organisation remains effective and that it enhances its credibility and user reach.

Creative Consulting & Development Works recognises the fact that a website is an important and valuable communication tool. Contracted in February 2007 by the Conflict and Governance Facility (CAGE) to conduct a website analysis of its website, the Creative Consulting & Development Works team had the task of enhancing CAGE’s online presence.

CAGE is a funding facility that operates with the intention of improving national policy on good governance and promoting the positive ideals of democracy in South Africa. CAGE wanted to be an interactive resource as well. In order to fulfill this objective, Creative Consulting & Development Works focused on the target audience and users of the CAGE website.

In the website analysis, the following steps where undertaken:

The analysis of the website was such that CAGE was able to add value to its target audience by conducting its activities in a way that was meaningful and valuable. The user survey granted CAGE the opportunity to ascertain how users perceived the website, as well as what their needs were when visiting the website. CAGE database members and users are able to network and source information from the site that can assist researchers, government, policy makers and other stakeholders to promote the ideals of CAGE as a conflict and governance facility.