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Project: AIDS Foundation of South Africa

Client: Aids Foundation of South Africa (AFSA)
Duration: November 2011- March 2012

The ASFA called for the evaluation of their Cultural and Health Programme (CHP). The CHP aims to reduce marginalization and promote behavior change through supporting CBOs in South Africa to increase access to services; catalyze changes in attitudes and practices; and strengthen health-promoting values and behaviors. The Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) ended its bilateral support to South Africa and therefore terminated funding for the CHP in March 2012. The RNE subsequently called for an external evaluation of the CHP to examine its impact and to evaluation the potential for sustainability of the programme.

Project Name:   End of Contract Evaluation

Client: Aids Foundation of South Africa (AFSA)

Project Duration: November 2011- March 2012

Sector:  Culture, Health, HIV/AIDS, Community development, gender, human rights

Service provided: Research, Evaluation

Project Deliverables:

–          The progress, results, outcomes and impact of the CHP for the period 1 April 2009-15 December 2011 was identified and analyzed against the approved plan and budget.

–          The implications of possible closure for CHP and its beneficiaries were analyzed.

–          Defined the nature and size of the ‘market’ in which the CHP competes for funding

–          Opportunities for domestic and internationally sourced funding for a programme such as CHP and NGOs whose focus is on health, culture, gender and human rights analyzed and explored.

Our Approach:

CC&DW implemented a mixed method research design for the ASAP Culture and Heath Programme (CHP) evaluation combining both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques. Data collection incorporated desktop reviews, structured and semi structured interviews, semi-structured focus group interviews and structured and unstructured observations.


The findings and recommendations made by CC&DW to the AFSA pertaining to the CHP and its partner CBOs were intended to compile the lessons learned from this evaluation and to inform any future programmes. Recommendations were made about the CHP and to the CBOs involved.  Recommendations related to funding were also made, and it was found that foreign and domestic donor offer long term funding, and they do not offer funding for short term interventions. Therefore it is recommended that proposals for long-term interventions should be submitted that address culture, health, gender and human rights needs.  The final recommendation made by CC&DW is that in the future CBOs should include an impact assessment mechanism, therefore all proposals they make should include monitoring and evaluation of the proposed intervention to ensure that donors have a clear understanding from the onset that the CBO is serious about the intervention.