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Sharing stories and new points of view in fieldwork training

26 June 2017

Fieldwork for the Older Persons Act (OPA) Implementation Evaluation is currently under way, and this group of dedicated fieldworkers is set to fulfill their task diligently.

Their training took place on 6 and 7 June, and the group worked hard to become familiar with the purpose and design of the evaluation. Working with the staff of the CC&DW Pretoria Office, fieldworkers had the opportunity to get a thorough understanding of what their role in the evaluation is, and to become confident in using the data collection tools designed for site visits.

Site visits to 27 residential and community service facilities for older persons in selected areas is an important aspect of the OPA evaluation. Fieldworkers will conduct one day visits to each site, where they will administer a Facility Checklist (based on the norms and standards for such facilities); conduct Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) with Facility Managers and with beneficiaries (i.e. older persons); and collect data about the geographical space around the facility, through community mapping or transect walks.

Experiential learning methodology which included role play and undertaking a mapping exercise in the area where the office is located ensured that learning was fun. Some fieldworkers displayed a hidden talent for acting in the role plays, and made sure that their “interviewer” would be prepared for all kinds of challenges that could occur in the field.

The fieldwork training session also gave the client an opportunity to engage with fieldworkers. While fieldwork is taking place, the group remains connected through WhatsApp to ensure that immediate support is available as required, and that experiences and learnings are shared as they happen.

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The Design Ecosystem of the Western Cape

26 June 2017

In May, CC&DW presented the key findings of our baseline study for the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, on the design ecosystem of the Western Cape, at the CCDI here in Cape Town.

What is it about?

Design thinking, which is often misunderstood, is not adopting a vague and “airy-fairy way” of thinking nor does it necessarily mean you need to start thinking like an artist. It refers to a broader, more creative approach to problem-solving compared to conventional practices.

What were the findings?

It was found, in 2013, that the Western Cape design industry employed approximately 50 000 workers and contributing an estimate of R 4 billion per annum to South Africa’s GDP. The Western Cape Government Department of Economic Development and Tourism identified design and design thinking as enablers of job creation, opportunities for growth, as well as giving businesses a competitive advantage through innovation. Here, design does not only refer to what a product looks or feels like, but rather the design of systems to manufacture and deliver such product, as well as the design the process of how customers interface with business or public sector and designing these services to cater to user’s needs.

After developing and implementing its official Design Strategy in 2013, the Department contracted CC&DW to conduct a baseline study on the design sector in the Province to understand what the sector looks like, with focus on both the demand and the supply of design services. The study found that both businesses that were ready to use design more innovatively (demand) and designers that were ready to grow into businesses that provide innovative design services (supply) have reaped the benefits of design thinking over the past three years. These benefits included increase in annual turn-over, improvements in efficiency, increase in number of products produced, as well as raised company profiles.

The study provided the WCG DEDAT with the necessary findings to strengthen their interventions in the Province’s design sector, with specific emphasis on connecting supply and demand role-players with each other, to find the ‘sweet spot’ where the user’s needs, business viability, and technology intersect and innovation is born.”

A new way of thinking about presenting data

14 June 2017

We held our Creative Data Visualisation training in Pretoria in May 2017. Here’s what facilitator, Fia van Rensburg, highlighted as the main aims and objectives of this training:

We’ll be looking at some traditional ways of reporting and presenting data and taking that and facilitating a new way of thinking about presenting data. Using what participants are familiar with and how that can be used optimally to present data and entice people to apply the information differently. We’re building technical skills. The best way to think of it is as if, you have an idea and you know how it looks but you don’t have the skills to develop it. This training will equip you with the right tools, to not only communicate your idea, but develop it too.

Here’s what participants had to say about the training and what they learnt.

Which part of the workshop/course did you enjoy most?

“Creative exercises were very useful as I plan on applying that skill going forward.”

“Applying new skills to real-world environments.”

“Fia’s enthusiasm for the subject and her openness in expressing her own level. The practical elements and additional resources”

What is the most important thing you have learned?

“How to start thinking creatively. This is challenging but with what I have learnt I know where to start.”

“Developing new skills takes practice.”

“Which graphs to use for different types of data and using fewer information charts as well as not repeating information.

“How to plan data for an infographic layout.”

“Ability to use Ms Word for design without needing to buy software.”

Read more about Fia (training facilitator) and the importance of creative data visualisation here: Your groundbreaking data will go unnoticed if you can’t communicate its value

Let us know if you would like us to to provide a customised course in Creative Data Visualiation for your organisation – contact Itumeleng Ramano today on (021) 4482058 or


Congratulations Duduzile! Our ‘lucky’ tablet winner

23 May 2017

Creative Consulting and Development Works was asked by the nonprofit organization, Management Sciences for Health, to conduct research on a newly developed movie targeting youth aged 18 to 35. The movie titled, The Lucky Specials, is a feature-length film (+- 2 hours) combining the best of fiction and nonfiction storytelling to demystify tuberculosis (TB).  It explains how it spreads and how it can be treated. The movie also aims to improve attitudes towards people infected with TB. As a control intervention, we also screened another movie called the Inside Story. The screening of  The Lucky Specials or the Inside Story was decided randomly at each site just before the screening.

Our research included screening the movie to approximately 2000 youth aged 18 to 35 at selected locations in South Africa. We engaged with these youth before and after the screening of the movie and asked them to complete a few questions. From this we could gain an understanding of whether the movie achieved its short-term goals and outcomes i.e. can movies and multimedia be used as tools for health learning.


The screenings were set up cinema-style, with refreshments included. All participating youth who, viewed the film and completed a quick pre-and post questionnaire were entered into a lucky draw.  The prize was a brand new tablet. We are very excited to share that our randomly selected, tablet winner is Duduzile Mbele Sebokeng!

Our CC&DW research team Nicci and Itumeleng

Our CC&DW research team Nicci and Itumeleng

Here’s what Duduzile had to say about her new tablet and participating in the film screening. (Duduzile watched The Lucky Specials)

CC&DW: How do you feel about winning the prize?

Duduzile: I’m really happy and surprised that I won.

CC&DW: How will you use your tablet?

Duduzile: I’m currently studying in university and don’t have a laptop, so this tablet will be useful for my assignments.

CC&DW: What was it like participating in the study?

Duduzile: I enjoyed participating and I gained a lot of knowledge from the study too.

CC&DW: Did you learn anything from watching the Lucky Specials movie? If so what did you learn?

Duduzile: I learned a lot about TB and the right medical care for it.

CC&DW: If there was another study done like this would you participate?

Duduzile: Yes, definitely!

Read more about the educational movie screenings that our team conducted around South Africa and our team’s experience in this blog post: When fieldworks is not like in the movies




May’s Learning & Networking Circle with Donna Podems

9 May 2017

Creative Consulting & Development Works is proud to launch our Learning & Networking circle this May. Join us for a lively discussion and chance to network with like-minded evaluation professionals, and some great cheese and wine pairings!

Our guest speaker Donna Podems will deliver a lecture on the new book she edited, Democratic Evaluation & Democracy – Exploring the reality and do a signing.