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August Edition of HIV this Month

1 September 2014



HIV this month. Issue no. 8. August 2014

Welcome to UNAIDS Science now and to the 8th issue of HIV this month 2014!

In July the Mississippi child was reported found with detectable virus after 27 months of being “in remission”, off-treatment and with undetectable virus.  In this light, you might want to check out a comment Towards a cure for HIV – are we making progress? by Sharon Lewin, Steven Deeks and Francoise Barré-Sinoussi in The Lancet as well as a viewpoint An HIV cure. feasibility, discovery and implementation by Anthony Fauci, Hilary Marston and Gregory Folkers in JAMA.

Also see The Gap Report released by UNAIDS just before the AIDS Conference in Melbourne last month.

Enjoy this issue!

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