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going to school in India…

5 November 2007

I visited Going to School, a Delhi-based NGO, in December 2006 after hearing about the work of this remarkable organisation which produces a series of media to inspire and assist Indian children with their schooling. One of Going to School’s flagship projects is a book called Going to School in […]

Streetkids set up their own Bank in New Delhi

30 October 2007

After featuring an article on slums and povety in New Delhi we thought it worth also sharing some positive stories from this amazing city. Launched in 2001 the Children’s Development Bank is an initiative inspired and created by New Delhi streetkids. With the assistance of a volunteer aid group, Butterflies, […]

living on the periphery

29 October 2007

Delhi has a population of nearly 14 million and its inhabitants inhabit an area roughly with the population of New Delhi alone exploding to 11,680,000. After Mumbai, Tokyo, and Japan, Delhi is expected to become the third largest aggregation in the globe by the year 2015. The people living […]

a small community clinic in Lwala

17 October 2007

[youtube=] This account of the shortage of health care and lack of doctors in Kenya and the drive of Melton, a young Kenyan doctor trained in the United State, is inspirational. Melton has a mission to bring improved health care services to Lwala = a small village in Kenya. He […]

Conceptualising RACE

1 October 2007

Justin du Toit, an Honours student at the University of Stellenbosch studying sociology and a Research Intern at DEVELOPMENT WORKS, recently attended a thought-provoking seminar on RACE and shares his experience …. Race, the word, the pronunciation, the very expression it invites is a sensitive issue in South Africa and […]

space to debate…

21 September 2007

Justin du Toit, a research intern with DEVELOPMENT WORKS, attended the Fit to Govern seminar and shares his experience: FIT TO GOVERN: THE NATIVE INTELLIGENCE OF THABO MBEKI   Chair: Adekeye Adebajo, Speaker: Ronald Suresh Roberts, Discussant: Sipho Seepe The dialogue offered a space in which views could be debated […]

we all deserve equal access to health care

19 September 2007

Dr Lydia Cairncross addressed the issue of health inequality in the private and public sector at the ETHICAL LEADERSHIP IN AND THROUGH POLITICS CONFERENCE. Sharon Machanzi attended this session on the 2nd day on behalf of DEVELOPMENT WORKS and captures some of the key points that Dr Lydia raised … […]

Leaders who speak the truth are ethical leaders

12 September 2007

Sharon Machanzi, a Peace and Governance Research Intern at DEVELOPMENT WORKS, attended the recent ETHICAL LEADERSHIP – IN AND THROUGH POLITICS CONFERENCE. Sharon shares her reflections on one of the keynote speeches… Politicians are probably not more dishonest than the rest of us. It is just that they are in […]

Ethical leadership and integrated sustainable human settlements

10 September 2007

Themba Mzondi, a PR and Media Intern at DEVELOPMENT WORKS, attended the Conference on Ethical Leadership in and through Politics which was held recently at the University of Western Cape. He attended the session titled TOWARDS INTEGRATED SUSTAINABLE HUMAN SETTLEMENTS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL AND WELL-GOVERNED MUNICIPALITIES WITH EFFECTIVE SERVICE DELIVERY – […]

Love and Courage

9 September 2007

Pregs Govender’s memoir, Love and Courage: a story of Insubordination, is a remarkable and inspirational read. It has kept me captivated and enthralled from opening it 2 days ago. I find myself snatching a moment, wherever possible, to read more. And now I am blogging about it! It is evocative […]